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Sunday, July 4, 2010

bimbo love

i don't know what i want to be when i'm older, and i'd be lying if i said i didn't care. kids seems like the easy option, but supposedly everyone says thats the hardest.
depending on future accidents (babies, boyfriends, etc) - right now i'll settle for living like that hot 20something-year-old that wear's a lot of pink, visits the salon often, always has painted nails, eats what she likes (and not a goddam salad), and just spend what i earn on what i like. and save for when i'm feeling good-behaived.

I aspire to be like any of those rich, sexy, bimbo's you see on tv. not necessarily plastic, because a push-up bra and Sally Hansen's lipgloss will fix that, but one that has a positive attitude about herself, and (sometimes) the people around. lol

Just like Holly Madison off the girls next door, or Heidi Montage (whatever the fuck her name is) off the hills, OR Regina George off mean girls. Or better yet, the nicer girls like Cher off clueless or Elle off legally blonde. There's so many of them, and so little time to live young and pretty, so what the hell. that's just what i want to be. I don't know when this obsession started, probably when i started high school, and i don't know when it's going to end. BUT the point is, it makes me happy to live how I want to, well der no one wants to live unhappy. But those girls make me happy watching them. and if one of these 'role models' takes a bad path, what the hell, i make bad paths anyway.

fuck donations, fuck the poor people, studies/shit/ and general knowledge proves that the world's gonna die soon anyway, so i'm being selfish and doing what i desire. and if babies and boyfriends become a part of the picture, then they'll just have to deal with me (the dude), and learn to love me (the baby)

Friday, February 26, 2010

be quiet

i just want to give up on school.
all this crap about 'so tough getting into the right uni course' then what's the point in trying at school to get into something that isn't even confirmed. such bs!
besides, i think its a joke that all through life everyone wants more and is constantly trying to learn better get better. just STOP.
live how you are fark.
what is wrong with sitting still.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


fuck i hate dealing with people. stupid whiny complaints about crap that is never life or death in the end. all it is, is a fucking discount or some other way to get through life with cheap cheats. SAVE money, EARN money, yet people don't even use it. dickheads!

and i also hate people that think 'it's going to be your responsibility to deal with harsh people' or 'you better get used to it, your job will be filled with people like that.' in that case. i don't want a shitty job. if i never find something i love doing that will make me money out of it, then i won't do anything like that.
BECAUSE, those jobs are for the money, yet the money is supposed to be buying you fun, but in the end you're not happy with the job that is 'earning you fun' and don't tell me no bullshit about money is living.

Because people who live in the middle of nowhere in their tribes are living and they never use any fucking money! they use skill, and a skill is what you would learn in a job. Only the people that think they are learning something by being shoved into some building, slamming away at a computer are NOT learning anything. they are simply getting fat, and bad skin, and tired eyes and an emo life.
i should know. which is why i want to change, and live in a tribe. Learn something that doesn't relate to jam-packed civilisation and it's bits of failing metal and dirty newspapers that hobo's sell only to make 2.50$ from the profits. What are they doing with their life. If those hobo's want to live, they shouldn't be making money, they should walk the hell out of that city and learn to fend for themselves. WITHOUT MONEY!