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Monday, March 28, 2011

Lazing by the Pool with friends

There's something about just lying aimlessly on a floating mat on water, wearing next to nothing that makes me feel relaxed. Add some friends and it's a perfect hang out spot. Screw the mall, the park, and indoors. If you have a great pool with some floating devices then you're set! Although it wouldn't hurt to be wearing a super-hot bikini, sunglasses and sun tan oil :D

This picture is from an Australian TV show called Dance Academy it's on ABC3 channel. I must watch it every night when it's on at 7.40pm. Because I am a loser and a sucker for tacky ABC teenage shows!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bring It On - Britney

Hayden Panettiere -
Oh My God. BRITNEY ALLEN hahaha, this girl is the best character by far in the whole Bring It On series. Okay maybe I am dissing Kirsten Dunst here, but seriously! How cute is she in Bring It On: All or Nothing first of all, the clothes! I don't care if she is just wearing messy gym/workout/whatever clothing, she makes it look stylish and pretty to be a blonde 'white girrrrl' (haha) who only achieves a C average in school. Oh but I hate the Dad in this movie, hello he ruins her social life and his voice is annoying, but even though Britney's parents make her transfer schools she has a confident attitude throughout the whole movie, nothing squishes her positive life and (I praise her for this) she doesn't even care about her boyfriend as much as she cares about herself!
Hell yeah to the up's she gives Camille while deciding whether she should be on the squad and she shouldn't have let Winnie take over from her, but in the end Britney wins - hot boy and all!

Ensembles she wears, which I want:
- Blue gym shorts and white tank top (and notice how all the other cheerleaders are matching, but in different colours)
- Pink midriff jumper with black yoga pants
and of course - the CRENSHAW HEIGHTS cheer uniform! :D

Bring It On - Winnie

Marcy Rylan -
I first heard of her name through Bring it On: All or Nothing and since then, have never seen any other movies or TV shows with her in them. I'm probably just not looking her name up on imdb but doesn't matter because I love her in Bring it On with her bitchy attitude and feathered hair, and I find it hilariously awesome how she just skips school entirely due to a skin flaw appearing one morning as she is bitching to herself about Britney Allen being on cheer TV. Haha cute, annoying, but hot character.

Plus what kind of bitchin' blonde beauty doesn't wear juicy couture tracksuits? Oh and while getting her 'friend' to participate in some sort of dangerous helicopter toss as she just watches on and demands everyone do death sports (lol) just so she can be the best and win the Rhianna cheer comp.