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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Centre Stage - Canned Heat

Anyone who's anyone that's ever watched this movie, will know what the scene this dance is from, and how it makes you want to wear red shoes, dramatic makeup, and have two queer looking guys latching onto you! haha
I love Centre Stage and I love Amanda in this movie.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chuck and Blair

You know what my favourite thing about Gossip Girl is, besides the hilarious romances and witty jokes every now and then? Blair's fashion sense. But let's not forget how much her clothes absolutely rock when Chuck matches them too! I just love how in the beginning of their sneaking around and wotnot they would both suit each other because they would even DRESS as a couple. Here's some of my favourites:
Matching Coats!

The White Party

The Hamptons

The Races

Chuck surprises Blair

Wild Brunch

At Prep School

After a tense discussion

and just because we all love Blair's headpieces as much as her clothing choices, here's a page of her headbands


Clueless. Except she isn't clueless about fashion. You see, everything Cher wears is either matching or coordinates well with her overall look that she is trying to achieve. For example when Mr Hall is dishing out the 'Tardies' Cher shows us her classic style - this time with a little bit of french, the beret anyone? And white collared shirt with a basic black blazer? Plus, her shoes always match a colour in her outfit giving her overall look timeless appeal. The few things I would have to say that are of the time are the marabou accessories and maybe a few of her bags you can see in a few scenes (When Dionne is taking polaroids she has shelves lined with outdated, young, girly bags).

Her Makeup and Hair were damn trendy for the 90's and while sleek-straight hair with no layers isn't exactly 'new hair' these days, it's still a classic look and suits Alicia's small facial features - also makes her look like a dress-up doll especially in this movie!