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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kelly Preston's Outfit in Secret Admirer

To start off, Secret Admirer is one of my favourite 80's films and I hate how it's so unheard of with people my age, whereas other popular 80's films like The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles are the first that come to mind. While Molly Ringwald's typical browny-pinky coloured clothing looked good on her and blah blah, I am just obsessed with other crazier 80's fashions that were worn by the characters in Secret Admirer - including the boys!

Kelly's charater, 'Deborah Anne Fimple' wears: a shiny purple bodysuit, pointy ankle boots, messy hair up-do's, boob-accentuating outfits, triangle shaped PURSES ANYONE!?!

The main boy Michael just wears simple clothes that were normal for the time but he doesn't even need wacky clothes because his personality is just a crack-up, one of the many reason you should watch this movie if you haven't seen it already! Kelly's father is also quite hilarious and some of the things he says... hahaha

So anyway, this morning I had my hair up already messy and was wearing a plain singlet and harem pants when i thought, HEY I look like Kelly Preston when she goes on that disastrous date with Michael! (and all she talks about is what she bought and what shops she walked 'miles' to)

Here's some pictures:

a link to the movie's page if you wanna see more:

I just added a necklace from Colette, and some silver/grey sequin pointy-toe heels that I've had for ages. I should have gotten a bag and some fingerless-stocking gloves with layers of bracelets, while I was at it, but I kinda forgot what she was wearing.

Friday, October 25, 2013

MC Hammer / Fresh Prince Jacket

So I'm at work today, Target, and out the back about to bring up the clothes from Lay-by only to find this hidden gem in the pile of really-old-clothes-that-still-have-the-tag-on from a Grazia for Hot Options range from a few years back. I scan it thinking it'll still be the $25, only it's $2.40!!! (With my staff discount) but it used to retail for $79 (who the hell would buy it for that anyway) but it means it must be reeeally old. So I hear bomber jackets are coming back in anyway, and with a dark silk looking one like this I think I could actually pull it off!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mermaid Clutch

I got this top a while ago from Ally Fashion, but my purse! Oh my god it is amazingly beautiful and it is from Colette R.R.P $35

Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Lookbook Video in the Making

A short while ago I made that Clueless outfits-Cher-wears-throughout-the-movie Video and now I want to do another based off of the newer version of Footloose! So I havn't actually seen the original, only parts, but i can safely say I know the 2011 version is my favourite, simply for the acting and the updated clothing/music.

Here's some pictures of Ariel that will inspire my upcoming lookbook:

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Going to Sizzler

I felt like dressing like a bit of a cowboy (minus the bag) so I wore a true vintage denim jacket over a plain black top tucked into beigey-brown jeans with a crocodile leather belt, and tucked the jeans into some tan leather ankle booties. Added some sunglasses for good measure as there was not a single cloud in the sky today!

Here's the Look, with items listed below:

Jacket - Old school Just Jeans!
Top - Supre
Belt - Market-bought
Jeans - Jay-Jays
Boots - Target
Bag - Sportsgirl
Sunglasses - Kmart

...and the garage door to my boyfriend's house was opening as my sister was taking these photos incase you're wondering, "What the hell is with the background?"

Friday, April 5, 2013

Clueless Video!

Long awaited! Okay wow so the last post was ages ago SAYING it's a work progress, well now I've completed it with nine outfits in total fully inspired by Cher Horowitz!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Video on 'Clueless' Fashion

I am currently in the process of filming & editing (yes, doing both on different days because I get so excited to upload and edit each scene) a video based on all the different fashions Cher wears in Clueless (1995). I already have some items in my wardrobe that are similar to things she wears in the movie just because at the time everyday I'm so obsessed with looking like her and trying to live her lifestyle, therefore I decided to make a video putting to use some of the ridiculous things I own - SUCH AS: patent white mary janes, knee-high socks, and blazers never really suited to the weather where I live (hot, sunny Brisbane most of the time).

Anyway, who doesn't love a good dress up occasion? and more importantly, what girl doesn't love to watch outfit/fashion/haul videos on youtube!
I just hope this future video actually reaches people like me, who in the past were obsessed with searching every webpage and video available just to get more of their clueless fix.