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Friday, January 24, 2014

Teen girl's fashion in 1996

Check out this list I found while scrolling down my Tumblr dashboard,

'16 Things Teen Girls Wore In The Winter Of 1996'

Now if I still had the fashion sense of my younger, say 7 year old self, I would have been extremely grateful to own majority of the items featured in that catalogue!
I am even a weeny bit jealous I was not a teenager during that time because I know I would have rocked the shit out of:

choker necklaces
fake adidas track pants
the nordic pattern trend
chunky boots
and THOSE singlets

hahaha even though I was only born in '93 I remember all those trends spot on. The only time I remember it all starting to change was when Britney Spears became famous to me in roughly the year 2000 when all the bubblegum-pink-glitter-jelly phase had started. Then I became obsessed with all things girly, even though my kiddie fashion was still hooked on the idea of being cute/grunge.

And now all those chunky sandals and sports clothes are in fashion again! Gotta Love it.

For pictures of the whole catalogue, check out:
This is right up there with Clueless as favourite fashion memories.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kelly Preston's Outfit in Secret Admirer

To start off, Secret Admirer is one of my favourite 80's films and I hate how it's so unheard of with people my age, whereas other popular 80's films like The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles are the first that come to mind. While Molly Ringwald's typical browny-pinky coloured clothing looked good on her and blah blah, I am just obsessed with other crazier 80's fashions that were worn by the characters in Secret Admirer - including the boys!

Kelly's charater, 'Deborah Anne Fimple' wears: a shiny purple bodysuit, pointy ankle boots, messy hair up-do's, boob-accentuating outfits, triangle shaped PURSES ANYONE!?!

The main boy Michael just wears simple clothes that were normal for the time but he doesn't even need wacky clothes because his personality is just a crack-up, one of the many reason you should watch this movie if you haven't seen it already! Kelly's father is also quite hilarious and some of the things he says... hahaha

So anyway, this morning I had my hair up already messy and was wearing a plain singlet and harem pants when i thought, HEY I look like Kelly Preston when she goes on that disastrous date with Michael! (and all she talks about is what she bought and what shops she walked 'miles' to)

Here's some pictures:

a link to the movie's page if you wanna see more:

I just added a necklace from Colette, and some silver/grey sequin pointy-toe heels that I've had for ages. I should have gotten a bag and some fingerless-stocking gloves with layers of bracelets, while I was at it, but I kinda forgot what she was wearing.

Friday, October 25, 2013

MC Hammer / Fresh Prince Jacket

So I'm at work today, Target, and out the back about to bring up the clothes from Lay-by only to find this hidden gem in the pile of really-old-clothes-that-still-have-the-tag-on from a Grazia for Hot Options range from a few years back. I scan it thinking it'll still be the $25, only it's $2.40!!! (With my staff discount) but it used to retail for $79 (who the hell would buy it for that anyway) but it means it must be reeeally old. So I hear bomber jackets are coming back in anyway, and with a dark silk looking one like this I think I could actually pull it off!