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Friday, January 24, 2014

Teen girl's fashion in 1996

Check out this list I found while scrolling down my Tumblr dashboard,

'16 Things Teen Girls Wore In The Winter Of 1996'

Now if I still had the fashion sense of my younger, say 7 year old self, I would have been extremely grateful to own majority of the items featured in that catalogue!
I am even a weeny bit jealous I was not a teenager during that time because I know I would have rocked the shit out of:

choker necklaces
fake adidas track pants
the nordic pattern trend
chunky boots
and THOSE singlets

hahaha even though I was only born in '93 I remember all those trends spot on. The only time I remember it all starting to change was when Britney Spears became famous to me in roughly the year 2000 when all the bubblegum-pink-glitter-jelly phase had started. Then I became obsessed with all things girly, even though my kiddie fashion was still hooked on the idea of being cute/grunge.

And now all those chunky sandals and sports clothes are in fashion again! Gotta Love it.

For pictures of the whole catalogue, check out:
This is right up there with Clueless as favourite fashion memories.

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