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Monday, March 21, 2011

Bring It On - Winnie

Marcy Rylan -
I first heard of her name through Bring it On: All or Nothing and since then, have never seen any other movies or TV shows with her in them. I'm probably just not looking her name up on imdb but doesn't matter because I love her in Bring it On with her bitchy attitude and feathered hair, and I find it hilariously awesome how she just skips school entirely due to a skin flaw appearing one morning as she is bitching to herself about Britney Allen being on cheer TV. Haha cute, annoying, but hot character.

Plus what kind of bitchin' blonde beauty doesn't wear juicy couture tracksuits? Oh and while getting her 'friend' to participate in some sort of dangerous helicopter toss as she just watches on and demands everyone do death sports (lol) just so she can be the best and win the Rhianna cheer comp.

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