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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cher's Mansion vs My Home

"Two permits do NOT equal a license!" - Clueless, 1995 Well that's okay for me now, because I can drive like a normal person and I have a provisional license! I can't wait to scoot around town in my Lancer, with the music up and the occasional group of friends in the passenger seats, haha but more importantly I can't wait to come home up my driveway on an afternoon when I have finished college or work, and drive up the long patch of road into the sunset (and into the garage) And arrive in classy style as four cars are parked in the room with studio lights on, walk through the hallway, up the little patch of stairs, past the living room and into my gorgeous bedroom with the view of my suburb. The sunset will fall over the hills and an orangey glow holds place in the sky. Yep, that's going to be my days!

Google Maps images,
Cher's House on Clueless and then there's my house in Australia!

And I found info on 'Clueless' landmarks from this website:

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