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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Clueless - My Take!

Every now and then I like to update my photo collection of outfits, and every year or so I often try out my 'clueless' inspired outfits - a common doing since every item I buy is almost always based on this movie or another. I've just taken these using Photobooth so bear with me the photo quality isn't great!

Here's some of the snaps or what I love to call 'polaroids' which I did this morning and last night trying out:
pastel pink shorts, a few jackets - including a recently bought leather one (Cher wears one while driving with Josh), and two dresses = a 'Val party' inspired red mini dress (Victoria's Secret not Alaia :'( boo hoo!), and a burgundy tight-fitting mini dress (shame I don't have a little matching ribbon belt for this one.

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