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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Video on 'Clueless' Fashion

I am currently in the process of filming & editing (yes, doing both on different days because I get so excited to upload and edit each scene) a video based on all the different fashions Cher wears in Clueless (1995). I already have some items in my wardrobe that are similar to things she wears in the movie just because at the time everyday I'm so obsessed with looking like her and trying to live her lifestyle, therefore I decided to make a video putting to use some of the ridiculous things I own - SUCH AS: patent white mary janes, knee-high socks, and blazers never really suited to the weather where I live (hot, sunny Brisbane most of the time).

Anyway, who doesn't love a good dress up occasion? and more importantly, what girl doesn't love to watch outfit/fashion/haul videos on youtube!
I just hope this future video actually reaches people like me, who in the past were obsessed with searching every webpage and video available just to get more of their clueless fix.

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Dj Mordia said...

Great Brag of Stylish clothes and high heel shoes.. :)