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Friday, July 29, 2011

Chuck - Sarah Walker

Yvonne Strahovski plays the calm yet bad-ass Sarah, 'pretend girlfriend of Chuck' who is oh-so cute, and is a CIA Agent posing undercover in various roles, in two of these pictures she is sort of like an 'icecream girl' but instead a yogurt serving girl at Orange Orange. An Australian actress, Yvonne portrays Sarah as a beautiful, independent, sexy blonde lady and dresses in hot outfits to fulfil certain job roles/duties. Wienerlicious hot-dog maker, (hahaha) her outfit is cutesy german girl, pigtails and puff shoulders included; or there's high-class prostitute with fishnets, red dress, and bright red lipstick; or her usual CIA outfits of point-toe sharp heeled boots, black pants & top. She's gorgeous and I love seeing an Australian on such a great show (and a super pretty one, might I add.)

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