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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tinka Parker

This character is from 'The Hairy Bird' as I know it, or 'Strike' or 'All I Wanna Do' as the movie title is known in countries other than Australia, and Tinka Parker is the playful, cute, gorgeous and (slutty) girl that I love to watch this movie for. (Kirsten Dunst comes second, but I love all the characters in this movie none the less). I love how this movie was portrayed to be in the 60's and how the school was real - though not the name, etc but google map it, "Trafalgar Castle School Whitby, Ontario, Canada".

Tinka's style suits her personality by dressing in colours such as Red, Black, and White when she's not wearing her boarding school uniform. She also seems to dress provocatively compared to the other girls (seeings as it was a conservative era) by wearing the strappy red dress with the black roses, but pulls it all together with a classy hair-do, as with most her outfits. She wears either a beret pined to loosely worn out hair, or a slick beehive type bun, or just her hair out with her wispy fringe, curly ends and PRETTY BLONDE LOCKS!

Here are some other shots I print-screened off youtube, with Tinka looking a little more innocent in her preppy uniform, but still really cute and pretty.

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