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Thursday, January 26, 2012


I've always loved a good bling item, whether it's by jewels, glitter, or sequins. When I was young I would collect any item that catches the eye with it's blingy-esque material, and put it on 'display' in my room. Whether it was lipgloss, photo frames, cushions, etc. But now that my room is decorated to suit it's use (sleeping, dancing, making things, reading) I now have to move my sparkle obsession onto new items. Such as .... CLOTHING!
Yes that's right, any kind of clothing whether it be dresses, tops, glittery shoes (have), sequin bikinis (have), makeup (ofcourse, how could I not), and as of lately sequin bras!
So what If they are impractical to wear, and only look good if you own one, but you can't really wear it. That hasn't stopped me from making one for my friend and one for my sister. I'm next on the list but I just can't decide what colour to produce.

So now that sequins are the new black (Ha, I wish) Here's some inspiration pictures of how to wear:

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