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Sunday, January 8, 2012

What colour Mary-Janes to buy...

If you were, like me, obsessed with the style of the many characters in movies that wear Mary-Jane Heels, or simply love the look and ease of a thick patent heel - What colour would you buy?
Note: these are the ones I am considering, but probably from a cheaper source such as ebay.

Here's the detailed colour analysis (wow the lengths I go to)

I know black will go with more things as Chloe Moretz has a pair that suit her all her cute outfits:

BUT I love the look of shiny patent red as Paris Hilton pulls it off so well and I already have a matching purse (and am soon to buy a belt)

AND then I also adore how Cher wears white t-strap mary-janes in Clueless, but this colour is more likely to look retarded or get dirty - although the legs will look more tanned as white works wonders for my skin colour!

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